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Veggie Lasagne



Our delicious, hearty lasagne sees a rich tomato and herb sauce layered with creamy, cheesy vegetables and Italian pasta sheets, before everything is topped off with gooey, golden mozzarella and cheddar. You might also like to add some crispy fresh lettuce to enjoy on the side, for extra crunch.

INGREDIENTS INCLUDED IN THIS KIT: (allergens are marked in bold)

chopped tomatoes, olive oil, dried oregano, garlic powder, ground nutmeg, dried lasagne sheets

INGREDIENTS YOU NEED TO ADD: Italian-style vegetarian hard cheese, ricotta, baby spinach, cheddar cheese


Sustainability is at the core of our business. Our recipes are designed to be both good for us and for the planet and are based on making the most of seasonal fresh fruit and veg.

All of our packaging can be recycled or composted and we strive to be plastic free.

Donation Scheme

Please get involved in any way you can, either by donating or telling your friends and family about us.


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Exact Ingredients

Every box contains the exact ingredients needed for the recipe minimising food waste


All packaging is compostable or recyclable and we strive to be plastic free. Our boxes contain super fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables

Delivered Every Fortnight

Our Cook School recipe box will be delivered to your home every fortnight