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Food Services Terms and Conditions - Cook School Products


  1. These are the terms and conditions applicable to purchases made on this Cook School website from 17 December 2020. Please note that certain overriding terms applicable to purchases by consumers (that is, non-commercial customers) are set out in paragraphs 30 and 31 below. Only consumers may place orders and make purchases on this website.

  2. In these terms and conditions, the terms “we”, “us”, “our” refer to the relevant group entry with which you have opened an account and are trans. In this regard, unless you have a specific contract account with another pale green dot entity, all sales are made and fulfilled by Cook School Ltd.

  3. You must have an account opened with us to place a commercial order. Only business and commercial customers may have a commercial account for purchases of food and other goods from us. You, the customer, warrant that you are acng in business capacity in your dealings with us and that you are not a consumer for the purposes of all applicable consumer legislation and/or regulations.

  1. If you use or order goods that we have published any changes you will be bound by those changes. Accordingly, you should check prior to each order or use to ensure that you understand the precise terms and conditions applicable to your site visit or purchase. To assist you in determining whether these terms and conditions have changed since your most recent order we display the date when these terms and conditions were most recently updated.

  2. A contract for the sale and purchase of any food products and/or other goods is not formed when you place and order. Instead, it is formed when we confirm your order and despatch your products and/or goods to you. You must use the ordering process advised to you elsewhere on the pale green dot website and pay parcular aenon to deadlines for orders and / or amendments to orders. We are not obliged to accept any specific order.

  3. The law places certain restrictions on transactions involving alcohol, and accordingly alcohol must be either ordered by you or delivered by us during normal licensing hours. If you have ordered alcohol from us and cannot be present at your selected delivery me, it is your responsibility to ensure that a suitable adult is there to receive the order. We may retain the products if proof of age or a suitable adult is not available to accept delivery. Please always drink responsibly -


  1. Unless otherwise stated as part of your ordering process, your order will be priced as part of that and related confirmation. Pricing as stated on your relevant invoice shall be determinative unless otherwise agreed with you. We will advise you of any price changes prior to or at the me of delivery. You are not obliged to accept delivery of goods where the price is higher than that set out in your confirmed order.

  2. Where items are ordered and sold individually by weight, the price of these items (expressed per kilogram or other appropriate unit of measurement) will be the price on the date that they are weighed and packed by our team. Where we have an indicative price/kg guide and an indicative product weight guide on an order confirmation, this is merely to assist your planning and the price you will be charged is the price prevailing on the date of weighing for the actual weight you receive. In the event that there is a discrepancy between the price/kg on our website at me your order is made and the price/kg at the me the item is weighed by our team, the price you will be charged will be the price at the me the item is weighed by our team.


Version 4[CS] – 17.12.2020

  1. Many of the products which we sell are not subject to VAT. However, certain products are subject to VAT and shall have VAT added at the appropriate rate. We will supply commercial customers with a VAT invoice. You must pay the VAT as invoiced.

  2. We will invoice you on delivery or at such other me or mes as we may agree with you. Unless otherwise agreed or stated on an invoice, invoices are due for payment within 7 days of being sent to you. We will send invoices by electronic mail to the address(es) supplied by you.

  1. You agree to compensate us in full against all reasonable costs and expenses and outgoings incurred by us in obtaining payments from you in the event of failure to pay within the contracted mescale. We may at any me aer a failed payment has occurred ask a debt collection agency to collect payment from you.

  2. We may specify a minimum order value as part of the ordering process.


  1. We will endeavour to deliver goods and products the subject of a confirmed order with you on the dates and at the mes agreed with you as part of the ordering process, and to the address specified by you and agreed with us. However, delays can occur (for example, by reason of adverse weather or traffic incidents) and we will always attempt to contact you to advise you of any unforeseen delays.

  2. It is your responsibility to ensure that an appropriate person is available at the delivery address at all mes during the delivery slot. We may ask that an appropriate person signs for the goods on delivery. If no one is at the address when the delivery is attempted the goods will be retained by us as if you had cancelled your order aer the cut-off me (see paragraph 18 below). If you ask us to leave a delivery unattended at your address we expressly disclaim all liability which may arise by virtue of the delivery being le unattended for a period of me. This includes but is not limited to the, tampering, contamination and the result of any change in temperature in respect of items which need to be kept chilled or frozen.

  3. We will always try to supply you with the full quantities that you have ordered. In the event that the goods delivered to you are incomplete or include incorrect goods, you must notify us promptly. You will not be charged for any incorrect goods or goods which you have not received.

Quality issues

16. You should contact us promptly through your usual pale green dot contact(s) promptly if you have any issues or concerns as to the quality or quantity of products delivered to you. We will always endeavour to deal with any such issues as a maer of priority. We will not charge you for products which fall materially short of our quality standards.

Allergen advice
Allergens may be present in our food sorng and packaging facilities or in those of our suppliers, so we cannot

guarantee that our food is free from allergens. You must wash all produce thoroughly prior to use.

If you require further informaon on this, please contact us.

Amendments and cancellaons to orders

  1. We will endeavour to allow you to make amendments to your order received prior to the cut-off me nofied to you. We are unable to make amendments received aer the cut-off me

  2. Similarly, you may cancel an order prior to the relevant cut-off me unless you are purchasing produce harvested or sourced to order. If you seek to cancel an order aer the relevant cut-off me you will remain liable for the price of the order even if we manage to halt the relevant delivery.


Version 4[CS] – 17.12.2020

Warranty and liability

  1. Nothing in these terms and condions will restrict our liability for death or personal injury resulng from our negligence, breach of contract or breach of statutory duty.

  2. We will not be deemed to be in breach of contract or of these terms and condions as a result of any delay in our performance or failure to perform our obligaons if that delay or failure to perform is due to any cause or circumstance beyond our reasonable control including, but not limited to, fire, flood and other acts of God, strikes, riot, accident, disrupon to energy supplies, civil commoon, acts of terrorism or war, breakdown of equipment, road traffic problems.

  3. Other than as set out in paragraph 20, our maximum liability arising out of any order for the supply of goods to you under this contract will be limited to the price of the goods contained in that order.

Credit processes

23. In assessing your request for delivery of products from us we may make enquiries about you including searching your records held by organisaons like (but not limited to) Dun & Bradstreet, Experian and Equifax and credit reference agencies. We may also check your details held by the IMRG Security Alert scheme and/or other fraud prevenon schemes.

Cancellaon and suspension of deliveries and/or your account

  1. We reserve the right to cancel or suspend your delivery at any me if we suspect fraud, have reason to believe you are in breach of these terms and condions or any other terms and condions relang to your order, or if there is an outstanding payment for any account registered at your address.

  2. In addion to our right to cancel your order in accordance with paragraph 23, we reserve the right to suspend your account. Your account will remain suspended unl you contact us and remedy any breaches which are capable of remedy, or provide any informaon reasonably requested by us to enable us to reacvate your account.

Statutory rights

26. Nothing in these terms and condions affects your statutory rights.

Governing law and appropriate courts

27. These terms and condions (and any non-contractual rights or obligaons arising out of or in respect of them) are governed by and shall be interpreted in accordance with English law. Only the courts of England and Wales shall have jurisdicon to deal with any maer arising out of them.

Changes to terms and condions

28. These terms and condions may change from me to me, and updates will be posted to our website. You are bound by applicable terms and condions as at the relevant invoice date. If any provision of these terms and condions is held by any court of competent authority to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, this will not affect the validity of the remaining terms and condions, which will connue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permied by law.

Data Privacy

29. Please see our Privacy Noce on this website to learn about how we use, process and protect any personal data which you supply in your dealings with us. This applies in parcular to any informaon which you give to us as part of any account-opening process. We may share your data with other members of the pale green dot group provided that they adhere to the Privacy Noce.


Version 4[CS] – 17.12.2020

Direct website sales to private consumers - overriding terms

30. The terms set out in this paragraph 30 and the following paragraph 31 apply to the purchase of items by consumers on the pale green dot website ( Where the terms below conflict with any of the terms set out in paragraphs 2 to 29 (inclusive) the below terms override any such conflicng terms.

  1. (a)  Notwithstanding paragraph 2 above, personal customers (being customers not purchasing produce from us for the purposes of their business, trade or profession) may open an account with us or otherwise order products from us by following the instrucons set out on our website.

  2. (b)  We do not offer credit terms to personal customers. All orders must be paid for prior to delivery on-line (or, if indicated on our website at the me of order, over the telephone) by credit, debit or charge card via our secure payment systems.

  3. (c)  Products are sold as described in the relevant product informaon descripon as set out on our website. Unless otherwise specifically stated, they are not sold by weight or number.

(e) Personal customers are classed as consumers. As a consumer, you have certain legal rights regarding the return of faulty or misdescribed goods. Our refund procedure described above does not affect your legal rights in relaon to such goods. Our returns policy is in accordance with statutory rights under the Consumer Contracts Regulaons. For further informaon about your legal rights contact your local authority Trading Standards Department, or Cizens Advice Bureau.

31. The terms set out in this paragraph 31 apply to the purchase by personal customers of products adversed under a “buy one - give one” promotion on our website (a “Gifting Promotional Purchase”). These terms are as follows:

  1. (a)  The relevant product page for a Gifting Promotional Purchase will set out details of the promotional (the “Promotion Information”). Where a customer makes a Going Promotional Purchase (whether a one-off purchase or a subscription purchase), the customer is purchasing:

    1. (i)  one or more products to be delivered by or on behalf of pale green dot to his or her home/chosen delivery address; and

    2. (ii)  one or more products to be delivered by or on behalf of pale green dot to one or more “good causes” selected by pale green dot (“Good Causes”) (the relevant purchases, the “Good Cause Purchases”),

    in each case, as set out in the Promotion Information.

  2. (b)  We will deliver the Good Cause Purchases to the selected Good Cause(s) in accordance with arrangements made between Cook School and the relevant Good Cause(s).

  3. (c)  We may select as Good Causes either UK-registered charities or UK-registered community interest companies (including any charities or community interest companies affiliated to pale green dot).

  4. (d)  The Good Causes on which we focus will be drawn from the areas of food poverty, nutrition support and food education, with a particular focus on the young, the vulnerable, the disadvantaged and the elderly.

(d) We will periodically publish reports and stories (on our website and other social media accounts) details of the Good Causes which we support through our own efforts as well as through Going Promotional Purchases and other similar promotions, together with details of the amounts ‘donated’ by our customers and the products and/or services delivered to our range of chosen Good Causes.

32. All donations made in connection with Cook School products promoted and sold via this website are paid over to Amanda's Cook School Enterprise CIC.